Is God listening to us when He doesn’t answer our prayers like we want? Many times we talk to God by what we are calling prayer. However, here’s what we do. We tell God what we want Him to do. When it doesn’t happen like we want it to happen, we wonder if He is really listening?

We go to Him with our to-do list and then say, “Ok, talk to You when You’ve done all that.” We had a monologue. Not a dialogue. God is the boss of the universe. We don’t tell Him what to do.

God is waiting for us to stop giving Him our wish list so He can get a word in edgewise. It is important to converse with Him as we go through our days, but that does not mean we chastise Him for not doing what we want Him to do.

How Do We Hear God?

How do we hear God? We listen for His voice. We have a conversation with Him. He most often speaks to us as the still, small voice. He speaks to us from the depths of our souls, which we hear in our minds. Then we make a decision as to whether we will do what He says or not.

Sometimes God is silent, but He hasn’t forgotten us. There is a reason when He is silent. We might need to do the last thing He’s told us that we haven’t done even if that was years ago.

God’s answer can come in many different ways. It might come as verse we read in our daily scripture, a word in a podcast that we know is just for us, a situation that happens in the middle of our busy day, or His still, small verse dropping something into our hearts that we have never thought of before. We have to sit with what He says, ponder it, and then apply it.

There are times when we are just ranting and we don’t really want to hear what He has to say. He will wait to talk to us when we are listening. This has been true throughout my life. Many times I’ve heard him but I didn’t do what He said. Other times He’s told me things that took years but now that I am much older I see that they actually did happen.

10 Things About God’s Voice

Many want to know how they can know if the voice they hear really is God’s. Here’s 10 things to help you recognize His voice.

  1. God will lead us to the whole truth, not a half-truth.
  2. God will not violate scripture but fulfill it.
  3. God will lead us toward our destinies, not away from them.
  4. God will redirect us according to His ultimate will.
  5. God will cause us to think rather than act on impulse.
  6. God will lead us away from fulfilling fleshly desires and towards fulfilling our Kingdom purpose.
  7. God’s voice is loving, kind, understanding, soft, and gentle.
  8. When we argue with God, He doesn’t argue back. He simply states a truth.
  9. He is always speaking to us and speaks our language.
  10. We know God’s voice, but we don’t always follow it.

What Do You Want Me to Do, God?

When we ask the almighty God of the universe a question, He always answers us in some way. If I’m in the right place at the right time and am receptive, He will show me then. If not, He will show me when I’m ready. My goal is to always be ready.

Talking with God is sort of like saying our first words. We should always want to learn how to better communicate with the most powerful Being in the Universe. It’s beyond comprehension, but He’s always right there waiting for us to ask Him, “What do You want me to do, God?”

Hearing from God is the most important aspect of any transformation journey. We can talk to Him any time, any place. But it’s so important to set aside time to interact with Him. I try to do that every morning. One of the highlights of my days is when I can get alone with Him and relax in His presence.

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