Pain has a color.

It can be black and blue, purple or green,

In varying shades of agony.

Or red screaming with anguish,

Crying tears that wash away the vividness of despair

In an attempt to make it disappear

Or pretend that it never was and will never be again.

We live with the reality

Of the colors we have born.

In loud displays and signs,

Banners and fists striking in anger.

Sometimes in quiet seething,

An inward frustration that cannot be soothed.

Colors are real. Pain is real.

Love has a color.

It can be pink and lavender, light blue and teal.

It can be varying shades of desire.

Red like roses loudly proclaiming passion.

Or crying happy tears bringing vivid delight,

Spreading joy and happiness,

Watching transformation happen before our eyes.

We live with the reality

Of the colors we declare.

Declarations of peace, harmony and delight,

Hugging a friend, embracing an enemy.

We color the world with blessing,

Bringing glorious rays of sunlight into our world.

Light is real. Love is real.

What colors do you choose?

What will you paint with your hues of blue, purple and green?

You can paint your world with heartache, abuse and fear

Or you can color it with positivity like rose petals wherever you trod.

In a world divided, let’s unite over the good things.

Let’s celebrate our differences by lifting each other up.

Tell me, how will you color your world today?