Mary was stunned, awestruck, really. An angel had just told her, a good Jewish girl, that she was going to have a baby.1 She knew this was impossible. She had never been with a man.2 When the angel further explained the plan, then it hit her. Jesus would change everything.

Not Into Change

Mary wasn’t someone who was accustomed to change. She was doing everything her parents had raised her to do. She was engaged to a hard-working man in her community. She would make Joseph a fine wife and live in the town they grew up in. She was not asking or expecting change of any kind. All she wanted was to live a quiet life.

In reality, Mary probably could have said, “Take this from me. I don’t want the responsibility.” Instead, we find her responding, “I am the Lord’s servant. May your word to me be fulfilled.”3 Joseph almost divorced her4 until an angel appeared to him in a dream and told him to follow through with his plans and marry Mary.5

Changed Forever

Both of their lives were forever changed that day by the little baby the angel told Joseph to name, “Jesus,” Savior. They each had definite moments of change when their lives were going one way and all of a sudden, they headed in another direction, one for which there were no roadmaps.

What did they say to the those gossiping behind their backs? What did they say to their families? Who did Joseph say the father was? Did he take responsibility? Did Mary stick with this seemingly crazy story that she was pregnant with the seed of the Holy Spirit?

Scripture is amazingly silent on these points. All we know is this, Joseph was “faithful to the law”6 and Mary was a pregnant, but innocent virgin.7

Accepted God’s Interruption

This interruption from God was one from which each could have turned and run the other way. Instead, they accepted it as God’s direction for their lives. They allowed Jesus to change everything about their lives.

You and I have the same choices every day. Jesus is there trying to interrupt our mundane existance. He puts phenomenal options in front of us constantly. If our spiritual eyes are open, we will see them. If not, we will keep on trudging along in our same comfortable, but overwhelming ruts.

He never changes.8 He always stays the same, but He is into change for us. He wants to make us new creations. We, however, are stuck in ruts of our own design. Then Jesus, who was one of us at one time, says, “Hey my friends, don’t you realize? The old is gone. The new has come!”9 

We Must Change Or Die

On my weight loss journey I learned I had to let Jesus change everything about me. I could not continue to do things like I had always done them and expect different results.  I didn’t see a physical angel, but there did come a time on my journey where Jesus clearly showed me that I had to change or die.

Although He had shown me many times, this time felt like the last time He would ever speak to me again about my extreme weight issue. I’m glad I finally listened because without that moment of change, I know I would be dead today. I’m not being morbid, but I am speaking truth.

At 430 pounds, my heart couldn’t continue to support my body.

Today, I’ve lost more than 260 pounds by listening and following a simple plan from God. It would be OK if I hadn’t listened. I’d still go to heaven, but I would have done so without fulfilling the destiny call on my life. I’m glad I listened.

What Will It Take?

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Choices for Change

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