Voices, voices everywhere. We hear them from friends, family especially if we have small children, mothers, fathers, extended family, best friends, worst enemies, television, social media, music, podcasts, speakers, preachers, teachers, mentors, casual acquaintances, and total strangers in the grocery store line.

It makes us think we are going crazy with the noise in our minds. Our thoughts and decisions are somewhere in the mix. But it becomes so overwhelming that we can’t even focus on what they really are. The noise is so loud it overtakes us and we can’t think so we just do whatever voice is hollering at is the loudest. We want to just yell, “Stop All the Noise!”

Thoughts Compete With Each Other

Our excuse for not doing what we know God wants us to do is that there is too much noise in our heads. Our thoughts seem to compete and fight with each other. We have no good way to figure out what we really are thinking because there are just too many thoughts to choose from.

I heard this from one woman who admitted that the door of fear of losing weight was open in her life and that her mind was holding it open. It was different because the door of fear is usually open in our lives because of something a family member did or said to us when we were children.

For her, though, it was the myriad of influences on her thoughts that was making her feel paralyzed and afraid to move forward. The evil one was definitely fueling the constant chatter in her head surrounding food. He was feeding her excuses as to why she couldn’t and never would be able to lose weight.

The Voice of the Evil One

In addition to all the other noise, there is the voice of the evil one and his minions. He uses all the voices he can to con us into doing things that are not good for us. However, he can’t read our minds or speak to us in our minds. He’s not inside our heads. He’s more like a little imp sitting on our shoulder whispering in our ears. He is a fallen angel and angels can’t read our minds, so the devil and his demons can’t either.

One of the reasons we think the devil can read our minds is because he is a master at reading our actions. He can see, for instance, that we are frustrated, exhausted, overwhelmed and emotionally spent just by our actions. He can hear what we say. He can see what we do. He can tempt us with our favorite go-to food or some other thing like alcohol, drugs, pornography or over-spending to help us anesthetize our emotions.

We have already pre-programmed this. It’s called habits. The devil knows every single habit we have. He keeps track of us what we do, how we do it and the instigators that cause us to do those things.

Ph.D. in Our Weaknesses

The devil has a Ph.D. in our weaknesses. He knows what kinds of foods we go to when we are feeling any emotion and what we crave. We even begin to feel like his voice is our voice, but it’s really just a spirit that can speak to us.

The evil one hears and sees the same things we do and takes note of what we have seen and heard and mixes that in with what he thinks will motivate us to go against what God says is best for us.

Why is the devil doing this? Because he is out to kill, steal and destroy us and if he can’t do that he will kill, steal or destroy our destinies. To bring it into modern terms, the devil has the equivalent of the largest fireproof computer ever built down in hell. There he keeps track of every human and their responses to all kinds of difficulties.

How the devil Deceives Us

So if the devil is trying to get at you, he might send a demonic spirit to convince you that you are nothing, will never amount to anything, can’t lose weight, will always give up so why try, are a failure, and know you shouldn’t have eaten that, but here have some more.

He will try to make you afraid to even try to lose weight, give up alcohol, get free of drugs, stop watching pornography, stop gambling, stop spending money you don’t have and on and on.

His goal is to put as much noise in your mind as he can so that you listen only to your fleshly desires which of course leads to death. Romans 8:6 TPT: “For the sense and reason of the flesh is death but the mindset controlled by the Spirit finds life and peace.”

The devil Has No Authority

The devil has no authority except what we give him. In order to shift Job, he had to ask permission from God. God, however, does know our thoughts. He knows the intents of our hearts and knows what we can take and what we can’t.

Psalm 139:2 TPT tells us this. “You perceive every movement of my heart and soul, and you understand my every thought before it even enters my mind.”

That’s why God said yes when the devil wanted to test Job. God knew Job would come out even stronger after the testing. God knows so much more than we do and infinitely more than the angels, devil and the demons do. We never have to be afraid of the evil one because God will protect us.

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