Just as sure as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, each and every day we need to choose Jesus. Each and every day we need to make that choice again. Each and every day He must be our one desire, the real and absolute Lord of our lives.

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Making the Choice

If He truly is our prize, pleasure, portion, inheritance and desire we don’t need anything else to give us momentary pleasures just to make it through the day. “Lord, I have chosen You alone as my inheritance. You are my prize, my pleasure, and my portion. I leave my destiny and its timing in Your hands” (Psalm 16:5 TPT).

This verse shouldn’t just be something we say that sounds nice. We have to understand what we are committing to. We need to fully understand that when we feel like we need a big bite of some fattening foods to get us through the day or something else that fulfills a very fleshly desire, we have just selected something other than God to be our Lord and Master.

Whatever we choose, we have made that the One thing that we desire most in this life. This is especially true if this is a repetitive ongoing pattern. If it happens once and we truly repent, turn and run towards God and surrender completely to Him that means we are on the right path. However, if it is an ongoing lifestyle we are simply fooling ourselves to think that we have truly made Jesus Lord of our lives.

How Addiction Starts

All of our lives we are seeking something that fulfills our desires and makes us happy. We look for it in various places. We look for it in our mate, our family, our vocation, the foods we eat, the hobbies and recreational activities we pursue, the alcohol or other things we drink, the drugs we take, the things we spend money on, the extramarital affairs we have, the hobbies that occupy our time.

In other words, we are constantly on a search for something that brings us complete satisfaction. However, we will never find that in any of the things I mentioned although some of them are good pursuits. The issue is when we find something that makes us feel halfway good, we will latch onto that as if our lives center only around that and nothing else.

This is a set up for an addictive behavior. It becomes what we think we need to survive. When all along what we have been searching for is that daily, moment-by-moment connection with God. He is the only One who will meet our every desire even before we know what that is.

Daily Resurrection

“For You bring me a continual revelation of resurrection life, the path to the bliss that brings me face-to-face with You” (Psalm 16:11 TPT). This is exactly what we need in order to win over addiction. When we are on the path to receive what we need from God, we have no time or desire to pursue our addictions.

We only want to purse the intimate face-to-face knowledge of God. Nothing else matters but that one pursuit. Daily walking with God will require continual resurrection as we discover more of what we need to leave behind in order to receive the greatest joy which is being fully connected to God.

Each and every day we leave the old behind and reach for the new. Each and every day we are reborn anew as we learn how to forget the past and press forward to the future.

Each and every day, we understand anew the great joys that exist when we work with God instead of running from Him.

Standing Firm

This human existence fights against us and pulls us away from our Creator and Maker. We are daily pulled towards things that look really delicious to us and we feel that one thing will solve all our problems.

To guard against falling back into the bondage of my past (See Galatians 5:1 TPT), I have learned to put firm boundaries around the things that are very addictive to me. That includes things made with sugar and flour.

I have learned to bring the things I prefer eating when I go to a carry-in dinner or to someone’s house. I have learned in order to stave off temptation to always have a good protein bar with me that will help me not cave in to the brownies or pie or cake.

I’ve learned to plan for temptation. I’ve practiced what I will say when others try to talk me into having something that will lead me back into my addiction. I say, “No, thank you” and mean it. Many times those who have problems are saying no, but still salivating over what is being offered. Others pick up on those cues and will continue to offer those things.

All of these boundaries are easy for me to follow when I understand that what I really desire is not found in eating that dessert. It’s found in knowing that I am following my Creator. I am giving up foods made with sugar and flour as a sacrifice to the One who meets my every desire.

Walking With Him

Walking with Him, then, becomes a great adventure and discovery of more and more of the mysteries of who God really is. It becomes more of a discovery of what bliss or pure joy really means. We may discover moments of pleasure here on earth, but pure joy only comes when we allow God to be the center of our lives.

Each and every day we need to recommit to following Him no matter what that looks like and no matter what that means we need to give up.

Each and every day we need to die anew and allow Him to resurrect us to another level of life in its fullness until it overflows, more than we expect, abundance that never ends. (See John 10:10 TPT.)

Each and every day we discover new levels of connection with Him as more of our selfish desires are stripped away. Each and every day we realize the things of this life are not needs. The only need we have is to be fully in union with God.

Hear His Heartbeat

Each and every day we need to crawl up in His lap and listen to His dreams and desires for our lives.

Each and every day we need to long for this time when we hear His heartbeat for us and are reassured that we are completely and totally His. This is all that matters. This is all that we should desire.

The rest is just fancy trimmings that we don’t really need, but can accept as His good gifts to us.

What Jesus Gives

What is a gift any way? It’s not something that is required. It is something that is freely given. To me the best gift is something someone gives me because they know I need it and won’t get it for myself.

These are the good gifts God gives us. They are not necessarily what we actively wish for, but what He knows we need to get to the next level of this life or maybe just to get through the next day. When we receive them we will know exactly what to do with them and realize we’ve needed them all along.

In Him all our desires are met. Those fleshly addictive pursuits that we have been running after are no longer needed. Each and every day, we have learned to put Him first. Each and every day, He has become our one desire. Everything else is simply His gift to us.

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I will see you in the group.



Teresa Shields Parker
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