Episode 110—The Beauty of Surrender

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The Beauty of Surrender

The holiday season which should be all about Jesus. His birth, life, death, resurrection was all about surrendering to His Father’s will. Without His surrender we would still be caught in following rules and laws, which was an impossible situation for a human to follow. So then blood sacrifices of animals, which were their livelihood at the time, had to be made. 

Because of what Jesus did for us, all we have to do is surrender our lives to follow Him. And yet, when we think of surrender we imagine that to be hard, difficult and nearly impossible. Actually the ability to surrender to God is one of the most beautiful gifts He ever gave us. For a long time that was hard for me to understand.

As a child, I don’t know how many times during church services I sang the old song, “I Surrender All.”  I’m not sure what I thought it had something to do with accepting Jesus when I was seven and gave up my life of crime as a candy thief.

Yep I stole some penny candy from the grocery store and my dad marched me back there to confess to the store manager. That was when I realized I was a sinner. I was like all the bad people the preacher yelled about every Sunday night. I needed Jesus.

I accepted Jesus and gave up my life of crime, but I didn’t give up candy or desserts. As I got older I thought anything made with sugar helped me get through my day, kept my negative emotions at bay, gave me energy, comforted me and became a friend who was always there when I needed them. But it also caused me to gain up to 430 pounds and have a death sentence pronounced over my life.

My battle with sugar addiction was long and involved and I share more about how surrendering to God was intricately related to that. I also discuss the fact that Jesus modeled surrender for us. 

Just as Father God gave Jesus free will, He did the same for us. We are in charge of our own lives. He won’t make us surrender to Him, but He wants us to so He can guide our lives because He knows how much better our lives will be when we do.

He tells us that in Proverbs 22:4 TPT: “Laying your life down in tender surrender before the Lord will bring life, prosperity, and honor as your reward.”

What is holding you back from surrendering completely to God? 


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