Episode 112—Why Can't I Stop Eating?

Episode 112-Why Can't I Stop Eating Podcast Cover

Why Can’t I Stop Eating?

As a Christian weight loss coach, there are several questions I’m asked that all kind of fall into the category of emotional eating. Like, why do I eat when I know I shouldn’t? Why do I keep eating when I’m full? Why does it seem food is in control of me rather than the other way around? Why can’t I stop eating?

We can’t stop eating because we are eating to quiet our negative emotions. We don’t know how to deal with them so we try to stuff them down with unhealthy amounts of food. 

For most of my adult life I gave into temptation because of four emotional issues I had no clue how to manage: Fear, Anger, Insecurity and Loneliness. These were my core issues and likely are some of yours as well.

This episode will help you recognize your core issues and provide core truths to help overcome them.

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Teresa Shields Parker
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