Episode 135—Excuses, Excuses

Episode 135-Excuses, Excuses Podcast Cover

Excuses, Excuses

We’re starting a new subject for the next who knows how many weeks: Excuses, Excuses. We’ll talk about why we have them, why we use them, how they keep us from God’s best and how to put them in our past and move forward with what we know God has in mind for us. 

What is an excuse and how does it relate to strongholds? An excuse is very similar to a stronghold because it has an element of truth to it and yet, we all know deep down inside that it’s basically a lie designed to keep us from doing what we don’t want to do but know we should do.

Excuses are dangerous to us because they keep us from doing what is best for us. So, why do we have excuses in the first place? An excuse helps us not have to put forth the effort to change. We want to continue to do what we are doing instead of what is best for us and will take more time and effort than just coming up with an excuse that we tell ourselves and others.

This is dangerous, especially for a Christian, because we are making excuses for why we can’t follow God in some particular area. It feels too difficult or overwhelming but that isn’t a good enough excuse because it makes us sound like a wimp. So we make up other more elaborate excuses that we can live with. Many times these excuses are so that we can continue to do what we’ve always done before. Other times it’s because we just want to go along with what our friends are doing.


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