Episode 141—Fear of Success

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I’ll Fail, So Why Try?

The fears we have keep us stuck and one of the biggest is the fear of success. We are afraid of moving forward because we might succeed and then have to continue the hard work that we think success will take. We are afraid of what success might do to us and how it will change us.

I have been coaching since 2014 and in that time literally thousands have come through my coaching groups, courses and free programs. Many have lost weight and kept it off. Others, though, have left because they finally understand the level of commitment they need to lose weight and keep it off. 

They leave without getting what they need because they say, “That’s great for you. You must just be special because I could never do that. I could never give up sugar.” I thought the same thing and it was fear of being without my crutch that kept me stuck. 

Most want a quick fix. They don’t want to put in the time and effort it takes to change our ingrown habits. Friends, so far no one that I know of has successfully invented something that makes you lose weight and keep it off without any work on your part. It didn’t take you a day to gain your weight and it will not come off in a day or even in a few months and stay off. 

It’s true that any kind of success is going to take hard work to maintain. However, it will be made easier by surrendering completely to God. Then, that’s where I hear a lot of other excuses. 

Many people also have control issues. They don’t want to turn over the control of their food to God. They see it as the last thing they have control of. 

Surrendering control of what I eat to God was the best thing I ever did. Listening to His advice on every aspect of my life has made me realize how out of control I was. 

This podcast episode includes a very pertinent short story about the Fear of Success. Don’t miss it and be sure to share this one with others.

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