Episode 143—Food Protects Me

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Food Protects Me

Protection is one of our core needs when we come into this world as helpless babies. The member of our biological or adopted family whose role it is to protect us is our father or father figure. 

Many who have grown up mainly with single moms or an absentee father feel that their mother is fulfilling that need. But in reality, if this need is filled, it will be by a father figure. Otherwise we learn how to self-protect, probably by watching how our mother does it.

One of the main ways we self-protect is by making ourselves physically larger. Many who have food issues will self-protect by overeating. Even though the adult part of them wants to lose weight, they can’t figure out why they keep eating. Part of it is an emotional need for protection.

However, the majority of women I deal with who have food issues and know they are self-protecting with food have a root issue that began in childhood somewhere. And many of them who were abused at very young ages, feel like it was their fault, rather than the abuser’s fault.

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