Episode 144—Food is My Friend

Episode 144-Food is My Friend

Food Protects Me

I’ve learned a lot on my journey that I love sharing with you so that you don’t make the same mistakes I did. It’s been at least 10 years since I’ve had cake for my birthday. Strawberries with nuts are my favorite treats today. That was definitely not my choice.

It went deeper than just my birthday. I would have eaten desserts made with sugar and flour every day of my life if possible and many days I did. For years I counted on desserts like I would a best friend. I was like the woman who told me straight up, “Food is my friend.”  To her the kinds of foods she loved to eat were always there and helped her fill a void.

When I finally realized I was addicted to sugar, it helped me understand that sugar was not my friend. It was actually evil in disguise. It didn’t care about me. It was a real tool of the devil, just like drugs or alcohol. It gave me a feeling of peace for a moment and then when the high wore off I had to have more to get the same feeling. I was like an alcoholic, only with sugar.

Finally, I began to see that food was not my friend. It was only acting like my friend to drag me into bondage in another of Satan’s schemes. My mindset was crazy and so is yours if you think any type of food is your friend. We aren’t supposed to have a relationship with sugar or any food. 

I promise if you listen to this episode, which also includes a short story, you’ll realize what you need to do in order to say good-bye to sugar for good.


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