Episode 150—My Family Won't Eat Healthy

Episode 150-My Family Won't Eat Healthy Podcast Cover

My Family Won’t Eat Healthy

My family won’t eat healthy. This is an excuse that I understand and yet I think it is one of the poorest excuses. When we are blaming our bad eating habits on our families we place all the responsibility for what we’ve done to ourselves on our families. I really don’t believe that is fair to them.

Most of the time us women are the ones who are both the cooks in the family and the ones who want to lose weight. Blaming our weight gain on our family’s eating habits is just crazy. If we are the cooks, we have the control over what we serve. We can change how we feed our families. If our families won’t eat healthy, it is our fault. Not theirs.

The same thing is true if our husbands are the cooks in our families. Many times, though, I find the husbands are cooking what they know their wives want. So that’s actually the wife’s fault. Or the wife is scared of hurting the husband’s feelings and won’t tell him what she needs to be eating. Communication is really the key here.

Maybe our families don’t need to lose weight but if they’ve been eating what we have been cooking and we’ve been gaining weight, then they need the same kind of changes we do. This is because when they grow up and they begin feeding their families the way we’ve programmed them to eat, they will gain weight.

So how do we fix healthy foods for both us and our families? Check out episode 150 of Sweet Grace for Your Journey podcast, My Family Won’t Eat Healthy.


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