Episode 151—Don't Rock the Love Boat

Episode 151-Don't Rock the Love Boat Podcast Episode

Don’t Rock the Love Boat

Don’t rock the love boat is what a lot of wives are thinking when their husband brings them home candy like he always does. She’s afraid of telling him she is not eating sugar anymore because it might hurt his feelings.

How can she guard herself against indulging without hurting her husbands feelings. I give six steps towards that goal on this episode.

  1. Have a Conversation and a Plan
  2. Have Healthy Food You Can Eat
  3. Change Your Mindset
  4. Engage in Constant Renewal
  5. Have Pleasure Without Sugar
  6. Make a Choice

          Under #5 I list 20 things you can do to get pleasure or calm your emotions without eating sugar. I promised to have the list here and in a post on my page, https://www.facebook.com/TeresaShieldsParker.

          1. Orgasm with your loving and committed spouse
          2. Consistent exercise of all types
          3. Healthy meditation on the Word of God
          4. Balance between moving and being still
          5. Listening to Christian music
          6. Prayer, silent and vocal
          7. Listening to Christian podcasts on subjects you are interested in
          8. Eating food so you can taste the real food
          9. Cooking healthy foods
          10. Dancing 
          11. Walking in the garden or being outside
          12. Listening to inspirational talks (and spiritual messages)
          13. Enjoying a hobby you can get lost in
          14. Reading a good book
          15. Gardening
          16. Arranging flowers
          17. Being with people, puppies, kitties that you love
          18. Journaling
          19. Writing poetry, short stories and books
          20. Arts and crafts, drawing, painting

           Marigold Bars Link: https://www.marigoldbars.com/?ref=12. Choose one of the primal bars for the lowest sugar. 

          Overcomers Academy Link: https://teresashieldsparker.com/overcomers/