Episode 156—Invited to Life

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Invited to Life

I’ve been scared to death, but thankfully I have also been invited to life. I much prefer the latter. 

Halloween scared me to death when I was a kid. There were things I both loved about the holiday when I was a kid and things I hated. Of course, I loved the candy. But I hated the scary houses with spooky music and adults dressed in devil costumes. I braved it because I knew they gave out the big-size candy bars.

The origins of Halloween may have been Christian at one time, but to me the overemphasis today on evil costumes, scary stories and haunted houses has taken the day out of the realm of being Christian. 

Most of the time, though, even alternative Christian events still have what I consider the biggest reason we should be afraid of Halloween. They still give away lots and lots of candy.

In 2021 Americans were said to spend over $10.14 billion dollars on candy for Halloween. This year that’s expected to rise to $10.6 billion. That’s over 600 million pounds of candy given to the most vulnerable of us all—our children.

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Teresa Shields Parker
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