Episode 157—Emotions and Spiritual Truths

Episode 157-Emotions and Spiritual Truths Podcast Cover

Emotions and Spiritual Truths

Growing up I saw the adults in my family exhibiting emotions I never wanted to have. As a child I thought eating candy and cookies and other desserts helped keep my emotions in check. I didn’t realize that what it did was anesthetize all emotions, both good and bad. 

What I finally came to realize is that God gave us emotions to enable us understand our lives a little better. He gave them to us to warn us when things are falling apart. I had to learn to embrace my emotions instead of eating them away. 

It’s vital that we realize that God has the spiritual truths we need to manage and understand our emotions. We should have the same heart-cry that David did in Psalms 139:14 TPT, “Give me an understanding heart so that I can passionately know and obey your truth.” God’s truth is what we should crave and long for, not the foods we think are helping us avoid emotions we don’t like. We must learn to see our emotions as helpers given to us by God.

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