Episode 158—Ditch the Pride

Episode 158-Ditch the Pride Podcast Cover

Ditch the Pride

Being prideful is not just an attitude. It’s also an emotion God hates. It’s the emotion that He wants us to ditch. The great thing about this is, He tells us exactly how to do that in His Word.

Pride is said to be the foundational emotion on which all other emotions which lead to sin are built. Pride says, “I’m number one, the best. No one can do things like I can.” It is this worship of self that God doesn’t like. It can lead to greater sins and is a huge emotion we must deal with on our journeys.

To acquiesce to another, whether God or another person, means we must accept their point of view or suggestion. This is something many have a hard time doing. Saying, “You’re right” and “I’m wrong,” just doesn’t seem to be in our vocabularies as humans or we think if we say that we will seem like wimps.

Learn the tools God gives us to counteract pride on this episode.

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