Episode 160—Why Worry?

Episode 160-Why Worry? Podcast Cover

Why Worry?

What problem has you up at night fretting about how to fix it? What thoughts keep tumbling around and around in your head? What do you worry about? To me, the most debilitating thing about worry is it keeps me stuck in an endless cycle of rehashing and rehashing whatever problem I am thinking about. I hate being stuck so that makes me worry all the more.

If we had no problems, we’d never worry. So, worry starts with problems we are trying to solve but don’t have the solution to. However worrying about our problems, doesn’t get us anywhere. It only makes us feel worse and doesn’t change anything. It is the precursor to stress and other negative emotions. 

Worry can harm us mentally and physically. Mentally it can lead to anxiety, fear and depression. Physically it can elevate stress levels, lead to exhaustion and weakened immune systems. Maybe the biggest thing worry does to us is to keep us from living our lives as whole, healthy and happy people. When we are worrying, we are missing all the great things happening in our lives all around us.


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