Episode 167—From Stuck to Unstuck

Episode 167-From Stuck to Unstuck Podcast Cover

From Stuck to Unstuck

Where are you stuck and what’s causing you to be stuck? I frequently ask my coaching clients that question. Many don’t know, so we have to drill down to figure it out. The big question is why don’t we know where we are stuck or what the cause is?

The simple answer to that is that the enemy of our souls is sneaky. His goal is to put us in a place where we are not living up to the purpose for which God put us here. He’s always watching to find ways to take us down. He knows everything about us because he’s got demons assigned to us that report back to him. So he gets us stuck before we know it.

He knows exactly what will put us in situations where we can’t make a move forward. We can’t do anything positive for God because we feel rejected, afraid, discouraged, ashamed, weak, worried, guilty, stressed, frustrated, angry, and alone. He wants us stuck in a pit of despair or a revolving door we can’t escape from.

On this episode we talk about how God takes us the process of becoming free from whatever we have allowed to be our master instead of God. At the end, don’t miss Teresa reading The Place That Grace Built.


Overcomers Academy link: https://TeresaShieldsParker.com/overcomers/

The Place that Grace Built link: https://www.teresashieldsparker.com/the-place-that-grace-built/