Episode 168—Bitter or Better?

Episode 168-Bitter or Better Podcast Cover

Bitter or Better?

What is bitterness anyway? It’s a word we all know, but one that is very hard to define. When we add fuel to our negative feelings, it only exasperates us. We have officially passed anger and have fallen into bitterness. Harbor that feeling long enough and it will become a root of bitterness which can morph into a stronghold.

This issue is a step beyond anger. We feel stuck because we can’t convince the person who wronged us that what they did is wrong and we don’t want to admit we did anything wrong. We are stuck in bitterness. 

All along, God is telling us that He wants the best for us. However, bitterness will keep us from experiencing all the great things God has for us. It keeps us stuck in a recording that plays over and over in our minds. 

On this episode you will learn more about what bitterness is, steps to get rid of it, and how to step into your best life that God has waiting for you.

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