Episode 17 - Are You a People Pleaser?

Are You a People Pleaser?

People pleasers fall into the trap of thinking that they need to take care of others before taking care of themselves. This flows out of a well-meaning, but jaded way of looking at how we are to live the Christian life.

The Great Commandment actually tells us to love and take care of our mental, emotional and physical self first so that we can love both God and others. We have to take care of our passions our thoughts and our energy so we can love God with all that we are. Only then can we love others as we love ourselves.

We need to have good self care. For me that meant I had to go from having no priorities and doing everything for everybody to being willing to set some priorities by discovering what God wanted from me. Then, I needed to resign from things that were time-fillers and pride-builders that were stealing my time in order to work on my health and weight loss which is what God wanted for me.

This helped me establish healthy activities that are still priorities for me today and will be for the rest of my life. Then God began to add destiny priorities which include what God has called me to do in this time and season, which isn’t being a people pleaser, but it is working with people to share His message of health and wellness.

After you listen to the podcast, tell me what helped you most and what questions you still have? 

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Teresa Shields Parker
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