Episode 172—How Much Are You Worth?

Episode 172-How Much are You Worth Podcast Cover

How Much Are You Worth?

How much are you worth? What is your life worth? Some economists say an individual’s life is worth $10 Million. I read the article but I still don’t understand how they came up with that number. Scientists say that chemicals in the body are only worth about $5. I don’t understand that figure either because there’s a lot to the body and how God put it together. My accountant would say something somewhere in between those two. Closer to $5 than $10 Million for sure. 

Of course, I’m not talking about how much are you worth monetarily. I’m talking about what the essence of who you are is worth. What is your soul and spirit worth? The body will one day fade away, but the essence of who we are lives on forever. 

God, though, sees us valuable, worthy, and priceless. We talk about that and how to live worthy of the calling God has for us on this episode.


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