Episode 178—God's Love Covers Us

Episode 178-God's Love Covers Us Podcast Cover

God’s Love Covers Us

We all know that God has an intense love for the human race. After all, He created us and breathed life into us. We are the pinnacle of His creation. We are His children. 

Early on, though, humanity rebelled. Eve just had to eat what she was forbidden to eat. 

God told both Adam and Eve not to eat of that one tree, but they did it anyway. Of course there was quite a bit of encouragement from that old snake.

Because of their rebellion, a landslide of sin entered the world. God is Holy and hates evil and wickedness. However He still loved His creation. He wanted to provide a way back to Him when they disobeyed. 

This shows the depth of God’s magnanimous love for those who have accepted His Son and His hatred for those who are wicked. Learn more about these huge emotions of hate and love.

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