Episode 179—Life and Death

Episode 179-Life and Death Podcast Cover

Life and Death

Life and death are really not choices we get to make for ourselves. God decides when we are born and when we die. No matter what we think, He is in charge. On March 26 a good friend of mine passed from this life. Death is hard for us, because this life is all we know. So we cling to it tightly.‬‬

We are each unique, a one-of-a-kind masterpieces. No one else is like us. Everything about us was created by God on purpose for a purpose. When we discover that purpose, our lives will change exponentially. Knowing our purpose will make living here on earth enjoyable, even when we are dragging around our broken clay pots. Our bodies are not meant to be eternal. They are temporary.

Listen for more about how to really live.

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