Episode 181—Am I Greedy?

Episode 181-Am I Greedy? Podcast Cover

Am I Greedy?

According to the dictionary greed is an “intense and selfish desire for something, especially wealth, power, or food.” Did you get that? It includes food and money. Both of these aspects are in my story. One of the synonyms for greed is gluttony. The dictionary definition of gluttony is “habitual greed or excess in eating.” 

Looking back over my life, I saw how connected the issues of finances and food were in my life. I violated the perimeters of what I could and couldn’t have by buying groceries and fast food and whatever I wanted to eat on credit. I wanted these things, even though we didn’t have money for them. This is the essence of greed. 

For every negative emotion or aspect of our lives, God has a solution or positive response. When we understand that one truth, we can work with God to defeat the thing that is overwhelming us. We just have to tap into God’s truth.

In this episode we will tap into that truth.

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