Episode 183—From Defeat to Victory

Episode 183-From Defeat to Victory Podcast Cover

From Defeat to Victory

There are so many things that feel defeating in this life. We just get through one overwhelming issue when another pops up. The battles seem endless. We defeat one and feel victorious. Then another rears its head. It’s like an endless whack-a-mole game. The only good thing about this game is that it ends.

In life, the problems never stop. We want them to end. We want to feel victorious at something. In order to win at the game of life, though, we have to reset our minds. We must learn to view all the problems life brings not things that defeat us, but as a reminder to put our hand in the hand of the Master.

If you are going through a hard season, if you are facing trials and temptations, this episode is for you.

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