Episode 184—Noisy to Quiet

Episode 184-Noisy to Quiet Podcast Cover

Noisy to Quiet

Do you feel like you have so much noise in your head you can’t even think? Or are you at the point where spending time being quiet and in God’s presence is the highlight of your day? The latter is definitely preferable. Still, why do we continually find ourselves caught up in the noise of this life?

Our incessant thoughts govern us and drive us crazy telling us to do this, this, and oh, that and on and on. Our minds was crammed full of to do lists, agendas, and solutions we don’t have. Then, add to those the growing world noise like gun violence, political views, climate change, job shortage, work force shortage, fuel shortages, and so much more. These issues just bring up more unresolved issues to fill our minds with things we can do nothing about.

How can we quiet the noise in our minds and focus on Jesus, the one we should be focusing on?


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