Episode 189—From Shame to Faith

Episode 189-From Shame to Faith Podcast Cover

From Shame to Faith

For every single thing that brings us down, God has provided a portion of the fruit of the Spirit to combat it. This is more than true when we are dealing with fear of shame and condemnation. It feels like there is no way to break free from addictions we have given into. 

When we are Christians and are indulging in sins that have become addictions we will feel shame. When we realize what we are doing, if our next step isn’t desiring to discover how to get free, we will slip over into fear of what will happen to us because we aren’t following God. Then, our faith, the very thing that can rescue us, will be under attack because we aren’t trusting the one we believe in.

This week we are talking about how to step out of the shame of what we are doing and into a strong, vigorous faith in God.

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