Episode 190—Called and Anointed

Episode190-Called and Anointed Podcast Cover

Called and Anointed

What I’ve learned through my weight loss journey of losing over 250 pounds is growing closer to God is not an add-on in any area of my life. Growing closer to God is God’s main objective for us. Weight loss is the add-on.

He has a calling and anointing for each of us, but He won’t unveil it until we are all-in with Him. We have to shift our total dependance back to Him. We were there one time for sure. That was when we accepted Jesus into our hearts. We vowed to follow Him. Then the evil one whispered lies in our ears and we went back to indulging in what we thought we needed in order to fix us.

On this episode we’re going to talk about how to jump all-in with God to do the things He is waiting patiently to reveal to us. 

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