Episode 193—Work With God

Episode 193-Work with God Podcast Cover

Work With God

For most of my life, I’ve been working for God in some shape or form. It’s good to do things for God, but it’s better to do things with Him. After all, He is our commander-in-chief. He’s in charge. 

The other day I was busy trying to get everything done, which seemed impossible. During my time with God He told me, “Never focus on the work you do for Me. Focus on being in My presence. Never mistake work for Me. Always make Me first place. Then, the work will get done. Let Me lead you. I want to be involved in every piece of what you are doing.”

We are so easily sidetracked. It might be that we are focused on working for God, but we have forgotten to consult Him on the very thing we are trying to do for Him. Instead of working for God, we need to work with Him. Things will go so much better when we do that. 

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