Episode 194—Do I Trust Jesus?

Episode 194-Do I Trust Jesus? Podcast Cover

Do I Trust Jesus?

Do I trust Jesus? How do we know if we really trust Jesus completely or not? He’s the member of the Trinity who is most like us because He knows what it’s like to live as a human. If we have a trust issue with Jesus it will affect our relationship with those we think we love.

One day God dropped these words into my heart. “Any disconnect with the one we are closest to here on earth will affect our intimacy with Jesus.” 

When I asked Jesus if I trusted Him there was silence. I knew there was a trust issue and I knew I wouldn’t be able to do anything He asked me to do if I didn’t resolve it.

There is a way through this issue and others like it. Why do we argue with Jesus when He asks us to do something? Why do we run in the other direction when He tries to guide us? Want to know more. This episode will help. For help check out Teresa’s one-on-one coaching.

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