Episode 195—How Can I Hear God?

Episode 195-How Can I Hear God Podcast Cover

How Can I Hear God?

How do we hear from God? We listen for His voice. We have a conversation with Him. He most often speaks to us and we hear Him as the still, small voice. He speaks to us from the depths of our souls, which we hear in our minds. Then we make a decision as to whether we will do what He says or not.

Many times we tell God what we want Him to do and then it doesn’t happen so we wonder is He really listening or not? We go to Him with our to-do list and then say, “Ok, talk to You when You’ve done all that.” We had a monologue. Not a dialogue. God is the boss of the universe. We don’t tell Him what to do. 

God is waiting for us to stop giving Him our wish list so He can get a word in edgewise. It is important to converse with Him as we go through our days, but that does not mean we chastise Him for not doing what we want Him to do.

This episode includes 10 things we should know about God’s voice. 

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