Episode 20—Barb Raveling: Separating Truth from Lies

Separating Truth from Lies:

Barb Raveling

This week on the podcast, I’m chatting with Barb Raveling all the way from Montana. She and her husband have four children. She is a Christian weight loss author, podcaster and coach. Her podcasts are Taste for Truth and Christian Habits. Her books include: Freedom from Emotional Eating, Taste for Truth, I Deserve a Donut, The Renewing of the Mind Project, Rally and her most recent book Freedom from Procrastination. 

We visit a lot of topics during our conversation, but the thing Barb is well known for is the concept of truth journaling. She teaches this as well as uses it to help people who want to lose weight renew their mind with truth instead of lies.

She began using truth journaling as a way to help her get rid of anger, frustration and annoyance. It is a way to help us see what lies we believe and replace those lies with the truth. “After I was successful with overcoming annoyance,” she said, “I began to use truth journaling to gain control over my weight. 

“I found getting rid of annoyance was much easier than gaining control over my weight and food. It became easier, though, when I committed to truth journal every time I broke my food boundaries.”

She adds that she also realized she needed lifelong boundaries to maintain her weight. Boundaries will be different for different people, but the important thing is to know your boundaries and stay within them. 

“Establish lifelong boundaries and renew your mind every time you break your boundaries,” Barb says. “We eat for fun and comfort, but life should be about God. We should be willing to give up all foods for Him. The more we see life and food from His perspective, the better off we will be. 

“Food issues are so hard to get over. Don’t get discouraged. Memorize scriptures. Get good coaching.”

To get in touch with Barb go to BarbRaveling.com. Her podcasts are Taste for Truth and Christian Habits. You can also find her on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram under Barb Raveling

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Teresa Shields Parker
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