Episode 200—This Thing Called Surrender

Episode 200-This Thing Called Surrender Podcast Cover

This Thing Called Surrender

God’s desire is for each of us is to totally surrender to Him so He can lead us to be victorious in Christ! Our surrender delights God, but most of us don’t really know what surrendering to God means, how to do it, or why we should do it. 

We think surrender means the same as being a prisoner. It’s that’s what happens when one side defeats the other. They get taken captive. Surrendering to God is not like that at all. We don’t surrender to God because He has defeated us. We surrender to Him because He knows the way our lives should go better than anyone else. 

He loves us and has a beautiful plan for our lives. First, though, we must allow Him to lead us. We must give up all the baggage we don’t need and follow the only One who knows the way.  

We’ll answer some questions like: What is surrender? Why should we surrender? How can we surrender?

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