Episode 203—Fear and Surrender

Episode 203-Fear and Surrender Podcast Cover

Fear and Surrender

Through the last nine years, I have coached many women who tell me they want to surrender to God, but are afraid of giving up the foods they love. Surrendering to God reminds them of giving up. It reminds them of being forced to do something. When we feel forced, many of us rebel. That’s because it reminds them of a fear from their past. 

If that fear involved a father or father figure, we may transfer those fears to Father God. Then unknowingly, this fear will hold us back from surrendering totally to God.  The evil one likes to imbed fears into us in a way where we don’t recognize the source. He knows if we discover the source, we can allow God to help us get rid of the fear.  The evil one hates this because he uses our fears to stop us from doing what God wants us to do. 

In this episode we will discuss how can we discover the source of the fear that is holding us back from trusting God in order to surrender everything about us to Him.

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