Episode 204—Surrender and Destiny

Episode 204- Surrender and Destiny Podcast Cover

Surrender and Destiny

Why do we think it’s OK to ignore what God is telling us and yet get mad at Him when He doesn’t magically make the money appear to pay our bills, or stop one of our kids from doing drugs or getting in with the wrong crowd.

Why do we refuse to surrender to God, but we still want Him to answer our every prayer exactly how we want it? There is something missing from this equation. God is not our genie in a bottle so all we have to do is just speak and all our wishes will be granted.

God tells us He will bless us, but His version of blessings and ours are vastly different. Our might involve money, but His will more than likely involve our calling and our destiny.

Until we surrender to Him, He will not trust us with the calling He has for us. Until we are willing to follow Him instead of what we want, we won’t be do what God wants us to do. Surrendering to God is the key to our mission and our destiny.

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