Episode 205—Surrender Takes Trust

Episode 205-Surrender Takes Trust Podcast Cover

Surrender Takes Trust

I know, above and beyond everything else, God is my source and the source for my family. I trust Him as the ultimate Puzzle Master, the only One who really knows what my final picture or story will look like.

I didn’t always trust Him as my total source. My future used to be rather disconcerting. I said God was my source, but I relied on things I felt were more tangible, like foods made with sugar and flour or my job. I still don’t know exactly where all the pieces fit in my life, and yet I’ve learned that living trusting the God of the universe is so much more secure.

It takes sold-out trust in God to surrender to Him. It takes surrendering to God to live in tune with Him completely. How do we do that? This episode gives some insight.

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