Episode 209—Surrender the Hard Stuff

Episode 209-Surrender the Hard Stuff Podcast Cover

Surrender the Hard Stuff

Why is this topic of surrender so difficult for us? As soon as I said that I answered my own question. “We can’t surrender to God, because the only one we have ever fully surrendered to and trusted in is ourselves.” It’s hard to trust in Someone you can’t see.

While this is true, there have been many times when I have surrendered things to God that looking back now seem like small things. After we surrender them, they become easy because we’ve already surrendered them. We’ve already gotten through those issues. At the time, though, they were huge obstacles looming in front of me, daring me to go past them.

If we don’t surrender the hard stuff to God and let Him lead us, the thing God really wants us to do will not get done. Our life’s mission will not get done.

Surrendering to God and asking for His help makes the Hard stuff easy. You’ll look back and say like I do about losing 250 lbs, that’s the easiest hard thing I’ve ever done.

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