Episode 210—Surrender Bad Habits

Episode 210-Surrender Bad Habits Podcast Cover

Surrender Bad Habits

As humans we want to be in charge of what we want. We want others to listen to us. We don’t want anyone telling us what to do.

We don’t want to give up what we think we have to have in order to endure this life and all its temptations, desires, wants, needs and must haves. We want stuff and we don’t want the trials, tests, and troubles. We think we know what we need but if we get what we want, we don’t have what we really need.

Our desires have become our needs. Everybody else has a big house. I need a big house. Everyone else has a new car. I need a new car. Everybody else eats sugar. I need to eat sugar because I like sugar and I want sugar and I have to have it. The same is true with anything that we think we have to have. Those things become addictions. That means we feel like we can do without them. 

What we think we have to have will end up controlling us to the point that even if we want to give it up, we can’t. The interesting thing to me is we know we need God, but we think He will give us what we want even though we know it’s not what He wants for us. The bottom line is we don’t really have a strong enough desire for God.  We don’t listen to what He is saying to us and even if we do, we refuse to give up our desires. Our wants rank higher than God. Then we wonder why He’s not answering our prayers.

In this episode, we talk about surrendering our bad habits to God.


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