Episode 222—Confessions of a Sugar Addict

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Confessions of a Sugar Addict

I am a sugar addict, set free by God Almighty. Most people greatly dislike the concept of surrender. It feels too hard, too difficult, too unnerving to actually give in to God. To me it is just the opposite. Surrender is beautiful because we finally discard everything we’ve been holding on to that is keeping us from being all-in with God. Surrender is a key concept on the journey out of sugar and food addiction.

It took me a long time to surrender to Him, but my God-sized intervention was coming. I went to a meeting with a friend. I was listening to another friend of mine share his story of being a sober alcoholic for about 25 years at that point. 

All of a sudden, though, he had my total attention when he said, “Alcohol is one molecule away from sugar. Alcohol is liquid sugar.” Everything in my world came to a stop. All the pieces of my life seem to snap together like a magnetic puzzle.

If you don’t listen to any other episodes, please listen to this one. All I know is once I surrendered everything to God, and began to walk out my journey, my life has been a series of one beautiful adventure after another. 


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