Episode 225—Listen to God

Episode 225-Listen to God Podcast Cover

Listen to God

All the time there are at least three voices vying for our attention: my voice, the tempter’s voice, and God’s voice. For years, though, I listened to the tempter’s voice constantly. It always has an element of truth to it. What he tells me is half-truth, half-lie. In the past he hadn’t needed to be too subtle. He just put the bait out there and like a hungry, naïve fish, I’d bite, and gobble it up plus more. 

I listened because my rational mind agreed with him. My flesh wanted something sweet and carbohydrate-laden with tons of unhealthy fats.

This time though I had made a firm decision. I was going to listen to the voice of God. I had invited God to tell me when I was making a wrong decision.  

Listen to episode 225 and I’ll share with you 10 things that help you know it is God’s voice instead of the enemy’s.

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