Episode 239—King of My Heart

Episode 239-King of My Heart Podcast Cover

King of My Heart

Who or what is King of your heart, the most important thing in your life?

The first stanza of the song, King of My Heart says, “I’m in a war every minute. I know for sure I’ll never win it. I am David up against Goliath and it’s a fight for my attention. I’m being pulled every direction.”

However, David’s real giant was not a huge hairy man, but a beautiful woman named Bathsheba. He saw her. He wanted her. He took her even though she was married and knew it was wrong.

I so relate to David because I had a love affair too. His name was Sugar and He tasted so good. 

Let me tell you when something takes over as King of your heart, it’s not easy to dethrone it. But, here’s how.


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