Episode 241—Finding Freedom

Episode 241-Finding Freedom Podcast Cover

Finding Freedom

One minute I was sitting in the green metal lawn chair in my uncle’s front yard, talking and laughing with my aunt while cousins and our children played hide and go seek.

The next minute I felt the bending and eventual collapse of the rounded legs of the chair as they slowly lowered me to the ground.

Even though I’m sure the sight of a 430-pound woman sitting on a pile of metal was funny, all laughter stopped. My uncle jumped up to help me.

Being super morbidly obese I always tried to blend into the wallpaper and not make more of a spectacle of myself any more than I already was.

That day, however, the proverbial cat had been let out of the bag.

I’m fat, really fat. I break lawn chairs like twigs. I can’t be trusted to sit anywhere.

I knew I had a problem. I denied it constantly. I tried to push it under the rug. However, I could no longer ignore the obvious.

I was a really good Christian. I didn’t drink alcoholic beverages. I’d never done drugs, smoked cigarettes, had sex before marriage, gone to an X-rated movie, watched or listened to pornography. I went to church every Sunday. I taught Sunday School and small groups. I worked in ministry. And I was a glutton.

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