Episode 34—Boredom Eating

Boredom Eating

What is the biggest issue you have regarding emotional eating? I asked my coaching that question the other day. One woman answered: boredom. Then she asked, “Is boredom a feeling.” This was a very intriguing question to me. I’d never considered boredom a feeling. I have always considered it a reaction to circumstances. But then, maybe every emotion is at its core a reaction to circumstances.

Is boredom a personality type? Are there those who have a tendency towards being bored? Could all of these be just who we are or is it something we can change? And if we can stop being bored, do we want to do that?

I used to not manage boredom well at all. As a matter of fact boredom eating was one of the main causes of me gaining up to 430 pounds. Then after a certain point, a person’s weight fatigues them so much they can’t physically do much at all. However since we all have to eat, food becomes the only way we can think of to stave off boredom. Boredom then becomes a major issue in our lives. 

When we eat out of boredom we are trying get rid of the monotony of whatever state we are in. If we eat to get rid of boredom, we’re going to find ourselves using food as entertainment instead of fuel. Food is not entertainment. Maybe what we are craving is not the food, but the interaction with others. If you can’t go see them, call them. Send them a text. Write them a letter. Do something creative for them. 

On this podcast I talk about ways we can use to help us handle boredom without eating everything in sight. I also talk about how boredom can be a call to action or an impetus to do something with our lives.

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Teresa Shields Parker
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