Episode 41-Dealing With the Root of Anger (Dan and Susan Young)

Dealing with the Root of Anger (Dan & Susan Young)

If you or someone you love have issues you haven’t seemed to be able to get a handle on, even with traditional counseling, this podcast will help.  If you have unresolved anger issues, this is a must listen. Dealing with the root of any issue will get us there faster than anything else. God loves to reveal the source of our anger and help us deal with it. The root has likely blocked the truth of who God is and how much He loves us and is available to guide us.

Dan Young was a client who did a remarkable job of following my lead as a coach. When Susan, Dan’s wife, first told me that he wanted to do a freedom coaching session, I wasn’t sure. I had never coached a man before and had been taught that women coaching men wasn’t a good idea. However I had coached Susan and she would sit in on the coaching sessions with him, so I agreed. I knew Dan had some issues with anger he was trying to work through and I wanted to help him. So I told Susan we’d see how it worked out.

I was amazed by several things about Dan. 1. His eagerness to get rid of his issues. 2. His ability to not try to figure out everything God was showing him, but just to speak out what he heard God say or what he saw or felt. From that point we could go forward asking God to help us understand more of what the words or images Dan saw or heard meant.

Dan and Susan Young have been married for 15 years. They are retired and live in Jacksonville, Fl. Family Life Weekends to Remember are a passion for both of them. They have been volunteer prayer warriors for that organization’s local events for 14 years.

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