Episode 45–Gaining Weight is Easy

Gaining Weight is Easy

All I ever wanted was to lose weight and do it simply and easily. What I learned over and over again, though, is that gaining weight is so much easier than losing it. I have a Ph.D. in how to gain weight. So, here are 21 Ways to Gain Weight. Of course there are a whole lot more than this and I’m sure you could add your own specifics to the list.

  1. Eat anything you want.
  2. Do not think about what you are eating.
  3. Go with what your gut is telling you to eat.
  4. If everyone else is eating it, you should too.
  5. Don’t be concerned about getting nutrition or good fuel for your body.
  6. Believe it’s more important to eat what makes you feel better in the moment.
  7. See food as protection and comfort.
  8. Never move. Sit all day.
  9. Make sure to park as close to the door as you can so you don’t have to walk.
  10. Rebel against anything a doctor tells you about how you’re going to die if you don’t lose weight.
  11. When someone makes a suggestion about how to lose weight, don’t listen.
  12. Be angry because everyone else seems to be able to eat and not gain weight except you.
  13. Just tell yourself, one day a magic pill will be invented to fix your crazy cravings.
  14. Tell yourself to go ahead and eat it. You can always lose weight tomorrow.
  15. Make eating your only source of fun and recreation.
  16. Believe that God doesn’t care if you gain weight and die early.
  17. Think that your weight is not really affecting you that much.
  18. Buy every diet book and try them all. Or better yet, just set them on a shelf in a prominent place so at least people will think you are trying to do something about your weight.
  19. Call yourself a failure and believe you can never lose weight. Accept your fate.
  20. Tell yourself. “It’s impossible to lose weight during the holidays, birthdays, anniversaries or special occasions.”
  21. Don’t ask God how you can become healthy and if you do, don’t listen to what He says

On this episode I talk about false mindsets, false protections and strongholds, so be sure to listen to it. On the podcast I give an action step which seems simple but may be really difficult for those caught in the cycle of eat-gain-eat. Rewrite the 21 ways to gain weight into 21 ways to lose weight. Listen to the podcast for a few of my answers to the first 10. 

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Teresa Shields Parker
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