Episode 63—Adulting is Hard

Adulting is Hard

It always proves to be enlightening when I wake with a thought in my mind I know came from God. I always know it because it’s not something I’ve ever thought about and it is always thought-provoking. Recently He said to me 2021 is the year to grow up and become an adult. Then I saw clearly how 21 is that year we tend to believe individuals are adults. 18 gives them certain privileges, but really they are still teens.

2021 is the year we all need to pull up our big girl panties and step boldly into adulthood. I see childish behavior everywhere no matter what the age or season of life. We are very impatient. We want our own ways. We are totally convinced we are right and everyone else is wrong. Sound like any kids, adolescents or teens you know?

Obviously, there have been many bad decisions I’ve made on my journey. One doesn’t gain up to 430 pounds making good ones. Each bad decision has taught me something. This is a part of growing up and moving into adulthood. Along the way I lost over 250 pounds. It wasn’t easy. Adulting is hard, but the rewards are so worth it. 

How do we grow up in God? We fasten, bolt, secure and fix our minds on God and what He wants for us. This takes a submission of our earthly desires, thoughts and feelings to Him. 

Check out Romans 7:19-25 TPT to hear how Paul tells us to do this. Submitting completely to God is not easy, but then when is adulting ever easy?

2021 just might be your year to take the next step towards defeating the giants in your life and growing up in God. 

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Teresa Shields Parker
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