Episode 66—Where Are You Stuck?

Where Are You Stuck?

Where are you stuck? It was a question that begged an answer. Any seasoned coach, teacher or mentor will just sit there and let it sink in. My way of dealing with any question is to answer it even if I don’t know the answer. This is obviously not the best way to deal with this question.

But I’m learning that some questions are meant to make us think. Thinking requires marinating in time. A good question isn’t one you answer right away. A good question is one that you go to bed thinking about and then wake up still pondering. 

There are several possible answers. We may think we aren’t stuck but everyone else around us is so whatever issue we are having is their fault. We may know we are stuck but blame it on our past. We may be stuck because of something that has been done to us that we are trying to change, like a rule at a job that we don’t agree with and want to change. 

It doesn’t matter what the problem is, we still feel stuck without a way forward. Stuck is not a comfortable place to be.

As a Christian weight loss coach, I encounter many beautiful women who feel like they are stuck. If I ask them where they are stuck many say, I just can’t figure out how to lose weight or a common one I hear is I’ve lost weight before, but I gained it all back plus more and I am afraid if I try that again I’ll just do the same thing again.

They feel they are stuck because of what they did in their past.  When we really get down to the core of the issue, many times it is because they were trying hard in their own strength to lose weight and then something happened that threw them for a loop. 

These are problems they can’t fix and so they go back to what they’ve always relied on to help them through any circumstance. They eat whatever they want whenever they want it. It is what they have always relied on for comfort. 

They know they are stuck and they recognize it has something to do with their weight. but blaming their stuckness on their weight isn’t all of the answer either. This is where many people come into a weight loss program or coaching group. They think if they can just get on the right diet, their problem will magically be solved.  

Even why we started eating everything in sight again isn’t the root of the issue. The real issue is much deeper. Overeating is a way many of us deal with the problems we don’t want to face. We have to deal with those problems first.

For more, listen to this podcast and ponder this question. Where are you stuck? 

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Teresa Shields Parker
Teresa Shields Parker is a Christian weight loss author, coach, podcaster and speaker, who has lost more than 250 pounds and kept it off since 2013.

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