Episode 71—God Calling

God Calling

Have you ever prayed and asked God one thing and He seemed to answer with something that was totally off topic? For most of my adult life I felt this way when I prayed about my life’s calling or direction. 

My prayer would always start out something like this. “God, this is me again. Can you tell me, what is my calling? What do you want me to be doing for You? I know you’ve called me to write, but it feels like there is something specific I should be writing. Would you show me, please God? Call and I will do whatever you want me to do.”

Eventually God would answer, but it seemed His answers to my plea for direction were totally incongruous with what I thought I was asking. His answers always seemed to come back to telling me how to lose weight and get healthy. This was the one thing I didn’t think I could do. Plus I didn’t think it was in the category of a life calling like say being a missionary, preacher, teacher or anything that seemed Godly like that. 

What I didn’t see all of those years, though, was how very persistent He was this answer. Recently I was cleaning out my office and found all my old prayer journals. It was a rainy afternoon, perfect for revisiting my life. Reading through them helped me see my life in a new and different way.

I saw how what I had been praying about and how He had answered me directly related to my calling. I was just too stubborn to understand it. Thankfully, He finally got through to me. He’s very patient and as long as we keep asking, He will keep answering until we finally get it.

God is more concerned about us fulfilling our callings than we are. He knows how we will mess up His plans, but He still helps us get back on the right path and headed towards our calling with purpose and determination to follow Him every step of the way. 

On this podcast, I share how I finally got on board with what He had been trying to tell me all of my life. 


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Teresa Shields Parker
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