Episode 82—Fear God Not Fear

Episode 82-Fear God Not Fear podcast cover

Fear God Not Fear

Fearing God will help us surrender to Him which will then in turn, allow us to work with Him in order to remove the things that make us afraid in this life. First, we need to understand that fearing God means to have a reverential fear of displeasing the God who loves us and whom we love in return.

Proverbs 15:33 TPT says, “The source of revelation-knowledge is found as you fall down in surrender before the Lord. Don’t expect to see Shekinah glory until the Lord sees your sincere humility.”  

I love this wording because it tells us what we need to do each day to receive revelation-knowledge or wisdom. We must revere God and not challenge Him. We fall down before Him in surrender.

This won’t happen until we recognize who we are and who God is. We honor Him, by humbling ourselves before Him and recognizing His power and ability to set us on the right path. 


Internal Fears

There is a category of fear we have as humans that I will call core fears. These are internal fears that are harder to recognize than things like fear of spiders or mice. 

One huge fear in this category is the fear of feeling abandoned and rejected. Another big one is the fear of being controlled, stepped on or manipulated by others. Both of these can result in a feeling a loss of meaning, purpose and identity. 

We are struggling through life without really knowing why we are here in the first place. Identifying our core fear may explain a lot of things to us and help us begin to move past any childhood moments which might have been the start of that fear.

It was also my core fear that had been driving me to self-protect by allowing myself to keep eating. Identifying the place where this fear started, forgiving the person involved, renouncing the lie that God will treat me the same way and hearing God whisper His truth to me set me free from my core fear in a profound way and has allowed me to lose over 250 pounds and keep it off since 2013.


All-In With God

When we go all in with God, we start in motion an unstoppable season of blessings that He just keeps on pouring out on us. Without total submission to God, without trusting Him with everything, without releasing everything we think we have to have to the One who has the abundance of the universe, His blessings won’t flow into our lives. 

Being all in with God means to fear and reverence Him instead of being afraid of the fears of this life that seek to control us. Surrender that thing you’ve been holding back just for yourself and watch fears begin to crumble and blessings begin to flow.


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