It’s time to start the next book project so I’m gone writing. I’ve written three books and two study guides in three years. I have more than 680 blogs on this website. However, I know if I allow words to stay pent up inside me I will for sure explode.

Short of exploding, I’m doing a really daring thing for an online coach and writer who shares nonstop on her Facebook page. I’m on a three-day Facebook fast. I’ll be back Monday evening or Tuesday morning. Until then, posts are scheduled and will run, but I won’t be answering back.

leap of faith

What’s Next?
My intent is to find out what God says is the next book for me to write. I never lack for ideas and while I am confident every one of them is from God, I’ve learned to appreciate the value of His timing.

I feel I know the next book I am to write, but to tell you the truth it scares me to death because it’s nothing like the others I’ve written. It will be different. It will be unique. It will be out of my box.

See, I like my box. I’ve made it really comfortable. However, I know, especially after losing an extreme amount of weight, [Tweet “Nothing great ever happens if we stay inside the comfortable box we have created for ourselves.”]

Arms of Grace

So I’m taking the weekend and asking God to kick me out of my box. I’m also asking for the faith to take what seems like another giant risky step of faith. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt, I don’t have to be afraid because I will fall right into the arms of His grace.

I’m really tempted to do what my daughter tends to do, write a book during the month of NanoWriMo and never share it with another living soul.

Mine may take longer than a month to write, but it also may never get shared unless God supernaturally intervenes and writes it Himself. I have no doubt if it is the book He wants written He can and will do just that.

Until then, I wanted to share something I wrote a few years ago. It’s where I am right now.

Write On

Write on when you have something to say and when you have no idea at all.

Write on when you’re running the race with patience and when  you’re just running away.

Write on when you are connecting in meaningful ways with those you love and when you feel as if you are invisible, untouchable and unworthy.

Write on when you are happy and when are sad beyond description.

Write on when you are inspired and when you are clueless, blank and empty.

Write on when you can’t wait to put sentences on paper and when you can’t stand to look at another word.

Write on when you think what you write is world-changing and when it’s not even close.

Write on when you know you have a gift and when you’re positive you don’t have anything.

Write on for when a writer to decides not to write it is like a fish deciding not to swim. Fish die for lack of water. Writers die for lack of writing.

Write on. It’s who you are. It’s what you do. Writers write.

Write on.




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Teresa Shields Parker
Teresa Shields Parker is a Christian weight loss author, coach, podcaster and speaker, who has lost more than 250 pounds and kept it off since 2013.

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